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5 Piece Bedroom

Fenwick Legno Light Grey
Fenwick Legno Light Grey Bedroom
Wexkit | An OS Doors Official Distributor

5 Piece Fenwick Legno Light Grey Bedroom

The sleek Legno Light Grey Fenwick door set against similar coloured walls create the ultimate black canvas to introduce striking maroon and charcoal accessories. Chic and sophisticated, this bedroom would be prefect for those who lead a life of glamour.

Key Features

  • Shaker Style Door
  • Robust and Durable
  • Complimentary colour range available
  • Wide range of panels, mouldings and accessories available.

Fenwick Legno Woodgrain Palette

Legno White
Legno Stone Grey
Legno Mussel
Legno Magnolia
Legno Light Grey
Legno Kashmir
Legno Ivory
Legno Graphite
Legno Dust Grey
Legno Dakar