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5G PVC Bedrooms

Cutler Serica Porcelain
Cutlery Serica Porcelain Bedroom
Wexkit | An OS Doors Official Distributor

Cutler Serica Porcelain 5G PVC Bedroom

Adaptable and minimalist, choose this design that has the intention of meeting all of your needs. Solutions are easy and when combined with shelving or study requirements, a bedroom can be so much more than a place to dream.

Key Features

  • Serica Super Matt Effect Finish
  • Practical, Durable alternative to a painted door
  • Anti-Fingerprint
  • High Scratch Resistance
  • Complimentary colour range available
  • Available Made to Measure

Cutler Serica Porcelain 5G PVC Bedroom Colour Palette

Matt Colours:

White Kitchen Colour Palette
Ivory Kitchen Colour Palette
Cream Kitchen Colour Palette
Stone Grey Kitchen Colour Palette
Kashmir Kitchen Colour Palette
Chocolate Kitchen Colour Palette
Red Kitchen Colour Palette
Fossil Kitchen Colour Palette
Mussel Kitchen Colour Palette
Dakar Kitchen Colour Palette
Light Grey Kitchen Colour Palette
Dust Grey Kitchen Colour Palette
Graphite Kitchen Colour Palette
Black Kitchen Colour Palette
Augergine Kitchen Colour Palette
Metallic Champagne Kitchen Colour Palette
Metallic Blue Kitchen Colour Palette
Metallic Anthracite Kitchen Colour Palette
Cream Plain
Hornchurch White
Hornchurch Ivory

Woodgrain Colours:

Avola Grey
Avola White
Blue Steel
D&M Maple
Dark Concrete
Dark Walnut
Forbo Maple
Light Concrete
Light Oak
Light Tiepolo
Light Walnut
Lissa Oak
Medium Tiepolo
Medium Walnut
Montana Oak
Odessa Oak
Ontario Maple
Pippy Oak
Quadro Black
Quadro Lava
Quadro Stone
Quadro White
Sonoma Oak
Trojan Oak
Troscan Oak
Winchester Oak

 Legno Woodgrain:

Legno White
Legno Stone Grey
Legno Mussel
Legno Magnolia
Legno Light Grey
Legno Kashmir
Legno Ivory
Legno Graphite
Legno Dust Grey
Legno Dakar

Serica Super Matt Colours:

Serica White Grey
Serica Alabaster
Serica Dakar
Serica Denim
Serica Dust Grey
Serica Graphite
Serica Kashmir
Serica Kobe
Serica Light Grey
Serica Marine Blue
Serica Pebble
Serica Porcelain
Serica Stone Grey
Serica Taupe

Super High Gloss Colours:

Anthracite Gloss
Aubergine Gloss
Beige Gloss
Black Gloss
Cappuccino Gloss
Cream Gloss
Dakar Gloss
Denim Gloss
Dust Grey Gloss
Graphite Gloss
Ivory Gloss
Kashmir Gloss
Latte Gloss
Light Grey Gloss
Metallic Blue Gloss
Mira Cosa Gloss
Mussel Gloss
Oyster Gloss
Red Gloss
Silver Gloss
Stone Grey Gloss
Tiepolo Gloss
White Gloss